Sonder in the City

Phnom Penh is a city where the depravity of a man’s soul can find solace and companionship. It will sucker punch you in the balls when you are not looking then nurse you in its arms while feeding you cheap rum. These are the stories of some of the people who inhabit and shape that … Continue reading Sonder in the City


Signs of our Times

The forests of my childhood are silent, Kids sit in rooms of solitude, Surrounded by peers, The trees under which children used to play, Are lonely, Lonely as the hearts of the kids, I see them now, Sullen faced somnambulists, Earphones on, Blocking out the world they don’t understand, Zoned into the screen of all … Continue reading Signs of our Times

Sleep Paralysis

I fell through the door from my balcony that day, gasping from the heat of mid-day and dying to get away from it and get some rest. It had been another one of our infamous three day benders that had nearly turned into an even more famous four day bender if I hadn’t sneaked out … Continue reading Sleep Paralysis