Farang- A white, European looking foreigner. The origin of the word is from the old francophone word franc. It was Friday night, the sun was just beginning to dip it's head over the Mekong and “Bo Pen Yang” rooftop bar was full of all sorts of people, backpackers, ex-pats, sex-pats and working ladies mostly with a … Continue reading Farangs


Between Heaven and Hell

It was somewhere between one tiny pueblo and another on a dusty trail along the Camino de Santiago. Everywhere around was the colour of sun scorched yellow, the trail, the wheat fields, the vegetation-less hills even the clouds that I kicked up in my wake were yellow. The only things that stood out from what … Continue reading Between Heaven and Hell


As ships sail the seas, Above and below, I sit with the sun on my back, And my toes in the sand, Alone and thinking, About the vastness of perception, This dream that I live in, Nothing real, Nothing fake, Nothing lasting, Just being, For a certain amount of time, Do the eagles that circle … Continue reading Ephemerality