In this Generation of the Lost and Damned all that’s left to do is run blindly into the burning fires of life.


 Dear reader,

Judge me, I want you to judge this piece of work, it’s an extension of my trials and tribulations over the past couple of years travelling, it’s an extension of the characters I met and it’s an extension of myself.

I let myself loose on the world as a young man in search of something new, something different, something to make me feel like I’m living because in this world that is getting smaller and smaller by the use of technology, and destroyed by globalization. I felt like I was living a lie, like I was living in a world I never understood, like I didn’t have any idea what was going on around me, dazed and confused like a deer in the headlights of life. I wanted to experience and learn about the world we’re told about, I wanted to meet people from different walks of life, who grew up in different ways than me and experienced different things that I’ve learned about but never experienced. I wanted to take from them their stories and learn first-hand true poverty, true freedom, true lust, true love, and true feelings in a world full of farce complacency. I see people living everywhere where they do things they don’t like because they feel like they are obligated and obliged to do them, pissing their lives away in a world of complacency and not grabbing life by the balls and telling it who’s in charge. I want you to judge these stories and feelings that I express in this work but first judge yourself judge your own life and become conscious of the things you do every day and how it’s important to you. People say I’m crazy, that the life I live isn’t sustainable even though I see how unsustainable life really is, I see so many people in their 20’s, dead, stone fucking dead, bogged down with mortgages, full time jobs, kids, a car, loans for shit they don’t even need because they think it will make them happy, things that I believe is insanity, working your ass off 5/6 days a week in a job that you hate to come home to wives that don’t love you, kids that don’t respect you and to sleep in a house you’re busting your ass to pay for. The society we live in as it is doesn’t work, so why obey its rules? It’s unsustainable, do you even know where half the stuff you have even comes from? stop reading and take a look around the room you are sitting in now and try to answer the question, “do you even know where half of it comes from?”. In this society technology has made us become so detached from the world around us, our food, our clothes, everything we own and possess comes from other parts of the world where people are being exploited, violated and are forced to live in horrible conditions for us to live like this. So fuck this society, get out there and see new things, travel, experience, learn, see things with open eyes, wake up early and watch a sunrise with people you never met before in a place you’ve never been before, your body is only a vessel in which to expand your knowledge and consciousness of the world that happens around you, always keep in mind your mortality and when things get too rough chill out with the people you love in the places you love, don’t spend time with people that make you feel uncomfortable but don’t hate them either even though it can be very hard sometimes; they are on a different journey to you, always work hard to try to understand the people around you no matter how wrong you think they are, they are still part of your world and part of understanding it, reach for those people that are similar to you who use knowledge and/or lack of knowledge as an inspiration to get out there and ride through every situation they find themselves in. Yes its dangerous at times but not as dangerous as sitting at home and living vicariously through television series’ and being comfortable, I believe in life to make this world better we have to experience everything that makes our world great and terrible so we can truly understand it, so please judge these stories and these feelings but please don’t do it with a closed mind, do it with the thought in mind that maybe you have to be a degenerate to fully understand the twisted yet beautiful world we live in.


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