Under the Waning Gibbous Moon

*This is an excerpt taken from my Journal written on the 16th of October 2019     I arrived home in the dark, after leaving in the dark, after leaving torn and now arriving shredded. I wanted the world to swallow me whole so I just wouldn't have to deal with myself anymore, I didn't … Continue reading Under the Waning Gibbous Moon

Parliament in a Chinese bar

This is the moment I fell in love with Barcelona. *Originally written back in October 2017 Three elderly people sit at a faux granite table, one of the elderly women is expressing her views almost too loudly on the recent "huelgas" or strikes concerning Catalan Independence while she sips from a grubby glass of red … Continue reading Parliament in a Chinese bar

Portait of a King

The immortal drunk sits on the canal and stares out at his kingdom. "This is the Amazon One" he utters as though giving a brief tour and swigs from his bottle of Ruby Port Wine "The Amazon Two is over there" he continues jutting his thumb towards the north side of the city. A pair … Continue reading Portait of a King

Into the Darkness

  The fear began to settle in around sundown. The cicadas, crickets and everything else in the deep forest came to life in the twilight with a slow groaning roar that grew louder with the setting of the sun. A dark green snake slithered through the murky waters, its slow side to side movements creating … Continue reading Into the Darkness


Farang- A white, European looking foreigner. The origin of the word is from the old francophone word franc. It was Friday night, the sun was just beginning to dip it's head over the Mekong and “Bo Pen Yang” rooftop bar was full of all sorts of people, backpackers, ex-pats, sex-pats and working ladies mostly with a … Continue reading Farangs

Between Heaven and Hell

It was somewhere between one tiny pueblo and another on a dusty trail along the Camino de Santiago. Everywhere around was the colour of sun scorched yellow, the trail, the wheat fields, the vegetation-less hills even the clouds that I kicked up in my wake were yellow. The only things that stood out from what … Continue reading Between Heaven and Hell


As ships sail the seas, Above and below, I sit with the sun on my back, And my toes in the sand, Alone and thinking, About the vastness of perception, This dream that I live in, Nothing real, Nothing fake, Nothing lasting, Just being, For a certain amount of time, Do the eagles that circle … Continue reading Ephemerality

Khnum Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a city where the depravity of a man’s soul can find solace and companionship. It will sucker punch you in the balls when you are not looking then nurse you in its arms while feeding you cheap rum. These are the stories of some of the people who inhabit and shape that … Continue reading Khnum Phnom Penh

Signs of our Times

The forests of my childhood are silent, Kids sit in rooms of solitude, Surrounded by peers, The trees under which children used to play, Are lonely, Lonely as the hearts of the kids, I see them now, Sullen faced somnambulists, Earphones on, Blocking out the world they don’t understand, Zoned into the screen of all … Continue reading Signs of our Times

Sleep Paralysis

I fell through the door from my balcony that day, gasping from the heat of mid-day and dying to get away from it and get some rest. It had been another one of our infamous three day benders that had nearly turned into an even more famous four day bender if I hadn’t sneaked out … Continue reading Sleep Paralysis